Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy day after the 4th of July!

So we are enjoying our time here in Phoenix.  The best part has been the church we have been attending, Phoenix First Assembly of God.  Talk about mega church...but they work hard to get people connected.  Shao loves the youth group!  And we have been blessed to spend some time with Linny and Dwight Saunders and their adorable kids!  What a blessing, and such joy for me to stroke Princess Ruby Grace's sweet cheeks, to hold Elizabeth's hand, and to chat with all the kids.  Wonderful people.  We even got to meet friends of theirs who recently got home with their 3-days-short-of-two-year-old son, Jethro...I THINK from Uganda, but not positive.  What a cutie! 

Got a voicemail from my gastroenterologist that all tests are fine....YEAH!  I'll pick up dr's appts, etc., as soon as I get back to CT...well, a week after I get back...because the first week I am back, I will be working at Dustin's Place, a Christian kid's camp that I just love.  Shao is totally bummed that she will miss out on that, since she will be going from here to SD, to meet up with her team for a missions trip.  According to Shao, that's her favorite part of the summer, working at Dustin's Place.

So that's it for now.  We are blessed with the use of this adorable condo, and the car.  Such a blessing.  God is good...all the time!!!  AMEN!!

Hugs...Nancy & ShaoXi