Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New baby is coming...I THINK!

So, I don't have the baby this week. Her Grandma managed to get one more week off. Her mama goes to court today on something totally different...then on Friday for custody hearing. I have doubts that they will allow her to HAVE the baby. But hopefully they will allow some visitation, probably supervised. I have met Mama, and she is a sweet but messed up young lady. I would imagine the state would need to see some effort on her part to get her life straight and in order, before they turn the baby back over to her. It is a sad situation, but at least I will have the opportunity to help, and to love on little K., and to be a Godly influence through it all.

SO...the word on the street is, next Monday she will arrive at my house at 2:15, where Grandma & K will be met by a lady from our church, who is going to cover the 2 hours before I get home from work, at my house. That will be interesting...but perhaps it will spur me on to make my bed EVERY day, and keep up with the dishes! :)

Other than that, all things are good here. Shao is busy, busy, busy with school and dance. This weekend is our local state agricultural fair. It is a pretty big one, with a midway, events, juried entries of animals, crafts, and food; draft horse, oxen and tractor pulls, and a lot of mud, usually. It NEVER fails to rain on Guilford Fair weekend, and the fairgrounds turn into a morass of mud and more mud. Not a pretty sight. Nor are the people who emerge from visiting the fair. Hosing down is recommended!!! :)


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Up in the air

So, I am STILL not sure if little Miss K is coming my way, or not! Last I heard, her Grandma needed to go back to work TOMORROW, but I STILL don't know if I am caring for her tomorrow. Grandma was trying to get a little more family leave/personal time off, but as of Friday afternoon, her employer had not let her know if this was going to happen. it is, almost Monday, and I still have no clue. I have not yet actually met the Grandma, and I have not met the baby. Who knows what is going to happen. I am trying to put it aside, and let God work out the details. As much as I would LOVE to take care of this peanut, it has to be HIS will, not mine.

We had a typical, busy week. Shao began dance classes, and now things get hectic. And in two more weeks, she has Nutcracker auditions, and things will get REALLY hectic after that, as weekend rehearsals begin. They are not performing the Nutcracker until the weekend of Dec. 18th, this year, which is late. It is usually the very first weekend in Dec. So this is the weekend right BEFORE Christmas. I am looking forward to it, as is Shao. Since she has moved up to Intermediate Level, a lot more parts are open to her. Exciting!

My car is fixed...praise God, it was NOT the engine, but something it was only a third of the original price! YAY!!!!! Let me tell ya, it is NOT fun not having a car. It was almost two weeks of begging rides, and walking to and from work most days. Not fun at all.

That's about it from here. Nothing terribly exciting. Life marches on, God continues to be faithful and loving, and we are blessed!


Sunday, September 6, 2009


I have a teenager. My girl turned 13 today. My prayer is that she will continue on being the incredible, marvelous, happy kid she has always been. May I be spared the majority of teenage angst, PLEASE, God? She is thrilled with her gifts...I bought her a bunch of colorful things for her room from Wal*Mart: an adjustable laptop table (bright purple); a full length mirror (bright aqua); a floor lamp (bright green). Her bed set is all those colors, so these work great. How nice of WM to have her room colors in mind with their new stuff this fall! HA! She also got a gorgeous pendant from her godparents, a beautiful gold pinky ring from her Gigi (my mom), and money from several people. Tomorrow we will have cake and ice cream with the family (most of them were going to be away today, being it is Labor Day weekend.) And in two weeks, we will have a kid party, I hope. So the girl is doing well! :) Such a precious child. I keep wondering just WHEN I will stop being head over heels in love with her. I'm thinking maybe never! :)'s what I truly think is a "God" thing. To set the case you haven't guessed, I LOVE babies!!!!!!!! I would have gone back to China for more, in a heartbeat, had I been able to do so. Shao longs for a sibling. We had discussed doing foster care, but discovered that I could NOT bring a little one with me on the school van, because I drove special needs kids. So that wouldn't have worked. SOOO...last night Shao & I had dinner and game night with some dear friends whom I've known for 35 years. While I was there, Kathy received a phone call from a neighbor. And here begins the saga!

This lady has a 27 yr old daughter who has not chosen well in her life. She struggles with addictions. Last week she gave birth to a little baby girl, a month early. The babe tested positive for drugs of some sort. SO...mama is not allowed to see her (nor is her father, who is MUCH worse than Mama!) If Gramma hadn't stepped in, the baby would have gone to foster care, as DCF is involved due to the pos. drug test. Gramma took vacation time from work to bring the baby home...BUT she HAS to go back to work. And guess what? She works 3-11 at night. And she doesn't mind the baby going to a sitter's home versus her own. Getting my drift here? There is a possibility that I might get the chance to care for this tiny little girl every night while her grandmother works. I am trying DESPERATELY not to get too excited, because it might not happen. But I AM praying about it all, and I am asking the Lord to bathe the entire situation in prayer, and to close the door if it is not to be. But what a chance to do what I love, get paid some for it, and minister to this gramma and precious little one! Pray, won't you?

My car is currently dead. After thinking over all the options, I have decided to have a newer engine put into it, and buy another 3 to 5 years from it. By then, maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to get a really nice car. Probably not. But who knows? :) But it has been a nightmare of epic proportions to NOT have a car. It is NOT fun. I have been walking to work each morning. It is a ways, but not really too far. And it's good for me. But it is not exactly the way I like to wake up in the morning! Hopefully I will have my car back the end of this week. PRAY some more, please! :)

That's about it from here. Hope all are having a great long weekend.