Saturday, August 28, 2010


So this is where we have been for the past several days! Recognize it? It's world famous...and rightly, so! Yep, Niagara Falls! Shao & I had never been, and we had the opportunity to go with my friend Wendy and her three kids (whom we traveled to DisneyWorld with two years ago!) It is beyond belief beautiful, and magnificent, and every other adjective you can think up, and then some. We got to see it at night, as well, when the Canadians put colored spotlights on it. And we were there for the Wednesday night fireworks show, as well. We went on the Maid of the Mist boat, right up to the Horseshoe Falls, and went to the Cave of the Winds, which takes you right up to the side of the Bridal Veil Falls, pictured on the right of this picture. If you look closely at this picture, you will see a beautiful rainbow.

We had a great time, and I hope we get to go back another time, when we can explore the area a little more. There is lots to see and do. And we all need to get passports, so we can go to the Canadian side. Unfortunately, mine was expired, and Shao and two of Wendy's three kids don't even have one. So NEXT time we will go and stay on the Canadian side, which apparently is less costly, and has much prettier views. Looking forward to it! Here are some pictures Wendy took. I don't even bother to pull out my camera, as she is a camera hound, and takes 100's of them. I let her do all the work, and enjoy the fruits of her labor! :)

So now it's back to reality...I start work on Monday, and Shao starts school the following day, on Tuesday. And can someone please tell me...first of all...where did summer go???? I am missing it already! And in the world is it that I have a HIGH SCHOOL kid now? Where is my baby? This baffles me!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ministry in your own backyard

Today ShaoXi got herself up early and headed off with her friend Megan and her parents. Nope, they were definitely NOT off for a day of fun and excitement. Today ShaoXi volunteered to go with her BFF to have minor surgery, to keep her company and minister to her. Miss Megan is phobic about drs, needles, and all things medical. When I say phobic, I mean she goes absolutely ballistic, kicking, clawing, hitting, biting, screaming, and swearing...and that's the better moments, I'm told! So ShaoXi offered to go along and console her friend. And I'm told it was way better than usual, and that Megan's parents were deeply grateful to ShaoXi for coming. I'm thankful for a child with a giving and compassionate heart. And that Megan's surgery went well. Now we just have to wait for the biopsy results. That could be a bit daunting. Please pray that it is a good outcome.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Silence is Golden

Alright, so maybe NOT, in the blog world. We are alive and basically well, here on Planet Earth. :) I say basically, as I continue to have GI issues, ever since my hospitalization in January. I am not liking my "new normal" much at all. And I think I need to try and tweak it, if at all possible. It is just NOT fun to be nauseous 24/7. This can't be right, can it?

Other than that...loving having my girl home. And she is LOVING being home. I had hoped to get down to PA this weekend to visit friends, but she just wanted to stay home. She is definitely a homebody! Having said that...this doesn't stop HER from leaving ME, if a good opportunity comes going out to Block Island for 3 days last weekend, on her friend's yacht. And sleepovers at places that have POOLS, to combat the beastly heat and humidity we have had since June.

I must say though...the humidity is GONE...thus this post! Now, WHAT, you may ask do the two have to do with one another? computer is in what we call "the back room." Said room is actually an extension of the attic belonging to the apartment below it, which translates...HOT. No insulation. HOT!!! This is always the hottest room in the house, and because it has 3 tiny high jalousie windows on one wall, and a small one on the opposite one, it does not get much airflow, either. Have I mentioned that this room is HOT? I do not have the courage to come in here much when it is hot, and ESPECIALLY when it is humid. I do the bare minimum and get out, FAST! It really is brutal. posts for awhile. But last night? I had to close windows in my bedroom, and I was still chilly!

Fall is definitely on it's way. I am going to put one of the blankets BACK on my bed today. I have seen some leaves changing in our area. I am SOOOOO not ready for fall. It's sad. I actually LOVE fall. It is such a fresh time of year, crisp air, lots of blue skies and big fluffy clouds, crisp apples to eat, gorgeous foliage here in the NorthEast. But I KNOW what is right on it's coat tails. And THAT is what I do not like. Winter. Ice, snow, sleet, mush, cold. Not a fan. And makes me really sad to see fall coming. In truth, I'd take the heat and humidity over the cold.

I DO love Christmas, and that's what gets me through to the first of the new year. But then...oh, then it is all about surviving the next 10 weeks or so. Once we hit the middle of March, I begin to relax. I KNOW we can get snow in March and even April. But it doesn't stick around. It melts. There are some brave little snowdrops and crocuses already up and I can SMELL spring in the air. I can HOPE. out. If I know you, and you live in a more kindly clime, I may be camping out at YOUR house in the winter, in a few more years. Once Shao is off in college, I am looking for places from which to escape winter! :) You may want to change the locks! :)

We have one more week "at home," and then are driving to my friend Wendy's in the Catskills in NY, then going with her and her kids to Niagara Falls! We will spend 3 nights there, then drive back to Wendy's. The following morning we will leave VERY early to drive home to CT, as Shao has an open house orientation at the High School, and then right afterwards our church is holding a huge event for the teens. Gonna be a busy week, but also fun, I hope! :) And then we have 3 days and Shao starts HIGH SCHOOL, and I go back to work. Can't believe the summer is winding down. What with Shao being away for 4 weeks of it, I feel like it should be just halfway done, not almost gone! sigh Guess that's all the news from here. I will try to blog more often. Pray for cooperative weather! :)


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dustin's Place

So, camp is over. But 104 children, and 30 or so Jr. Counselors are still in my heart and mind, and in my prayers. I have to say, that was one of the most amazing camps EVER. I am so excited for where God is going to take this ministry! Skip & Colleen are looking for a large (50+acres) of land, with a lake/pond on it, to buy. Their dream is to have a kid's camp all summer long, then host other groups throughout the rest of the year. They want to have animals at the camp...horses, who knows what?!? :) For next year, they are hoping to have camp for 2 or 3 weeks. After that, the whole summer. But they need to find land. They need to find a BIG piece of land, with certain things on it, to make the camp work well. Please pray for this end, so that the Kingdom of God might be glorified, and many young hearts reached with the message of Jesus' love!

We are talking about me maybe living on the grounds, and caring for the animals. Wouldn't that be the coolest thing ever? If we had too many animals, I would definitely need help. I'm not getting any younger. LOL! :) But I think it sounds heavenly. And to be involved with this ministry...what a gift THAT would be!!! :) I intend to be involved with the kids' camp no matter what. I just loved watching these kids worship God and open their hearts to Him. Precious, precious times! we are home...the mundane has taken over. I am dog-sitting until Thursday night...then doing it again M-F, next week. Thankfully they left the money ahead of time, so I used it to pay my rent. Unbelievable, that SOMEHOW $1000 came in this month. Of course, I haven't paid any utilities, so that needs to be addressed. But I am amazed that I came up with August's rent. What a clear blessing from God!

The last week of this month we are going to Niagara Falls with my friend Wendy and her kids. I have never been, so am excited for this little vacation. And it's not costing us much, as Wendy is paying all traveling costs, and for the hotel room. We just have to pay for food, and $66 for our Niagara passes, which get us into the Cave of the Winds, the Aquarium, on the Maid of the Mist, and onto the trolley...and something else, I can't remember. $33 each...not really a bad deal at all! :)

That's all the news for now. Hope everyone is having an AWESOME summer. I can tell you that I am glad, glad, glad to have my baby girl home. Oh, how I missed her! :)