Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New baby is coming...I THINK!

So, I don't have the baby this week. Her Grandma managed to get one more week off. Her mama goes to court today on something totally different...then on Friday for custody hearing. I have doubts that they will allow her to HAVE the baby. But hopefully they will allow some visitation, probably supervised. I have met Mama, and she is a sweet but messed up young lady. I would imagine the state would need to see some effort on her part to get her life straight and in order, before they turn the baby back over to her. It is a sad situation, but at least I will have the opportunity to help, and to love on little K., and to be a Godly influence through it all.

SO...the word on the street is, next Monday she will arrive at my house at 2:15, where Grandma & K will be met by a lady from our church, who is going to cover the 2 hours before I get home from work, at my house. That will be interesting...but perhaps it will spur me on to make my bed EVERY day, and keep up with the dishes! :)

Other than that, all things are good here. Shao is busy, busy, busy with school and dance. This weekend is our local state agricultural fair. It is a pretty big one, with a midway, events, juried entries of animals, crafts, and food; draft horse, oxen and tractor pulls, and a lot of mud, usually. It NEVER fails to rain on Guilford Fair weekend, and the fairgrounds turn into a morass of mud and more mud. Not a pretty sight. Nor are the people who emerge from visiting the fair. Hosing down is recommended!!! :)



  1. Oh my gracious!! I am sooooooo excited for you and Shoa!! Yipppee Jesus!! Praying over here that each piece falls into place.

    PS We won't be anywhere but in Western New York (around Buffalo). But if we were heading your way I would definitely let you know - promise!! xo

  2. We need an update girlfriend!! Come on it's been 2 weeks, what's goin' on?