Sunday, September 13, 2009

Up in the air

So, I am STILL not sure if little Miss K is coming my way, or not! Last I heard, her Grandma needed to go back to work TOMORROW, but I STILL don't know if I am caring for her tomorrow. Grandma was trying to get a little more family leave/personal time off, but as of Friday afternoon, her employer had not let her know if this was going to happen. it is, almost Monday, and I still have no clue. I have not yet actually met the Grandma, and I have not met the baby. Who knows what is going to happen. I am trying to put it aside, and let God work out the details. As much as I would LOVE to take care of this peanut, it has to be HIS will, not mine.

We had a typical, busy week. Shao began dance classes, and now things get hectic. And in two more weeks, she has Nutcracker auditions, and things will get REALLY hectic after that, as weekend rehearsals begin. They are not performing the Nutcracker until the weekend of Dec. 18th, this year, which is late. It is usually the very first weekend in Dec. So this is the weekend right BEFORE Christmas. I am looking forward to it, as is Shao. Since she has moved up to Intermediate Level, a lot more parts are open to her. Exciting!

My car is fixed...praise God, it was NOT the engine, but something it was only a third of the original price! YAY!!!!! Let me tell ya, it is NOT fun not having a car. It was almost two weeks of begging rides, and walking to and from work most days. Not fun at all.

That's about it from here. Nothing terribly exciting. Life marches on, God continues to be faithful and loving, and we are blessed!


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