Saturday, January 9, 2010


We are all snuggled up here in our house, side by side on our respective computers! I have done a little housework, some dishes, making beds, straightening I'm havin' fun! :) We got back to our regular work/school routine this week, and while I don't particularly like having to set the alarm clock, it is good to be back in the groove! I like quiet weekends. Shao has no plans to have friends over, or to go to their houses. That's not to say that it might not still happen. But I hope not. We did a LOT of things over the Christmas holidays, and it's nice to chill out! AH...speaking of the just rang and it's for Shao...hmm. Okay...this blog is doing odd things. So this will be one big paragraph, as it is not letting me space down! Sorry about that! Let's see...not much new here. Same old, same old, really. Isn't this riveting? :) But I like boring stressful all to heck! :) Church gets back to normal tomorrow...two services instead of one, and Sunday School in the middle. I've missed Sunday School....two Sundays before Christmas my nieces were dedicated, so I went to that church. Then the Sunday before Christmas we had a huge snowfall, so didn't go. And then it went to one service w/no Sunday School for the holidays. Not sure what classes are being offered this session. I really enjoy SS, both for the learning and the fellowship. Oh...and I joined our new church last week! The previous SS session I went to a new members class. So I am official now! :) Yikes, this one big paragraph thing is driving me nutty! What in the world?!? Maybe I'll just leave big SPACES since I can't go down a line! I'm gonna sign off...this is making me beserk! Blessings...Nancy

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