Sunday, January 3, 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, and that the start of your new year was a blast! We stayed home, Shao went to bed around 9:30, and I stayed up and watched the ball drop...and then some. Insomnia is just so lovely!!!

I HAVE MY COMPUTER BACK!! Can you see me doing the "Snoopy Dance of Joy?" Cuz I AM!!!! So far so good...I got it back yesterday afternoon. Happy days!

Miss Shao has one more day off but I have to go back to work tomorrow morning. However I've been told I am to expect a brunch tomorrow. Sounds good to me! :)

Shao & I went to NYC on Tuesday with her friend Megan, and Megan's mom, Martha. Of course, we picked the very COLDEST day of the entire year to go. But we went anyways, and had a blast! Didn't get to do alot of the things we wanted, due to the cold and the long lines, but it was fun, anyways. Martha treated us all to the Christmas Spectacular show at Radio City Music Hall. WONDERFUL! Not to mention we got to sit down, and get warm for two hours! :)
We went to Chinatown, and Shao & Megan did some shopping in a cool store there. We had supper at Mr. Tang's Restaurant...yummy! Saw Rockefeller Center, all the Christmas decorations, and walked for miles. Went in and out of a million stores...mostly to get warm! :)

It is snowing here, just a tiny bit, but the big issue is the 50 mph winds! BRRR. Not looking forward to having to get up tomorrow and deal with the cold. Much prefer staying home! :) In my pajamas, thank you very much!

We are looking forward to a wonderful New Year. Who knows what God will bring to us this year? It is exciting to watch things unfold. He is ever faithful, and has such great plans for our lives. How blessed we are!


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