Monday, September 6, 2010

Prayers for Megan

A post or two ago I wrote about ShaoXi going with her friend Megan to comfort her as she faced some minor surgery. Today I heard the biopsy report. It is hard news to hear. Our Megan has Hodgkins lymphoma. It IS highly treatable, but it is still not what any of us wanted to hear. The girls just started High School last week. Tomorrow the family meets with an oncologist. Thursday Meg will go in for further surgery on her arm. I suspect my girl will go with her. And then? Probably chemo. Maybe radiation. Hard stuff to swallow. Cancer just hit home here. While I follow many blogs of folks with kids with cancer, so that I can pray for has now arrived in my backyard, so to speak. And I need to act. How sad that it took this to spur me to some form of action. Not sure what that action may be....but I will find a way to make a small difference.

Please pray for Megan. This is going to redefine her world. And since we have had some ongoing concerns for where she was headed, we are hoping it will redefine it for the better. This will be a whole new direction for her, and I am hoping ShaoXi will be by her side to help her through to the other side. That is her plan, my girl, and I am all for it. I told Megan's mom that if there was something that was extremely tough, or if Meg was just in a bad place, that ShaoXi would be there, school or not. Some things have to come first. And close friends are one of them. We have to be warriors for those who have fallen and need help to get back up.



  1. I am so sorry to hear about Megan. adding her name to our special intentions in church and to my daily prayers!!!

    She's lucky to have a good friend by her side right now!

  2. Hi, today I was thinking of you and wondering how you were? (I remembered your links under Linny's blog).

    Hope Megan's doing alright, and ShaoXi too.