Thursday, November 11, 2010


I can't explain where I've been. Suffice it to say life totally overwhelmed me, and I had all I could do to just drag myself through each day. I am just coming out of the long dark tunnel now. Two Long time.

Our thirteenth "GOTCHA DAY!" anniversary fast approaches. How can that be? Thirteen years of joy. I am blessed.

I promise, I will try to blog more often...MUCH more often (which, hey...that would be like, every TWO WEEKS, and that would work, considering my long hiatus from here!!!)

Blessings to all!!



  1. I was starting to worry ! glad to see you're back!

  2. dear Nancy, I saw your prayer request over at Linny's and prayed for you, that you will be able to know what exactly is wrong. Perhaps it is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? It is an illness that many don't know the answer to... if you haven't already, you might like

    this lady has infos on health-related things that might help :)

    YHWH's blessings on you and your ShaoXi :)

  3. Nancy - Hope you are doing OK. Don't worry about blogging -- I haven't blogged since October or November either.

  4. Hi Nancy, I was thinking of you today and hope everything is going well :)