Saturday, June 23, 2012

Oh, and just in case anyone is still bothering to check in here...healthwise I seem to be a LITTLE bit better.  But my team of drs is still trying to figure out just what in the world is going on with me.  I have had so many tests that I have totally lost count.  But so far, they have all ruled OUT things, which is fine by me.  I CAN tell you that after 2 months of extensive tests and appointments, the ONE area I am totally aok is my heart.  BIG SIGH OF RELIEF.  I am currently working with a hematologist, a gastroenterologist, and my reg. dr.  I think the NEXT dr. I will be sent to is a rheumatologist.  OH...and my "woman parts" dr...but I think everything is fine there, too.  I also have an eye dr. appt coming up, and need to find a dentist who will take our insurance.  Aug. is shaping up to be just as full of dr appts as the past six months!!

So...that's the news on that front (I guess I should say fronts, huh?) :)
Keep praying for me, okay?


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