Saturday, June 23, 2012 there is something wrong with my computer.  Because I have tried to do a new blogpost for a long time now...and couldn't.  But today I am on Shao's 'puter, and no problem.  Guess I have to get my guru friend Henry involved.  But not anytime soon...cuz ShaoXi and I are in Phoenix AZ for the next five weeks.  ShaoXi is dancing with Ballet Arizona and I?  Hmmm...that remains to be seen.  She will be dancing each weekday from 9-5.  I have hopes to actually meet Linny Saunders (of fame) in person...and do some heavy duty lovin' on her kiddos! :)
So I will try to keep you posted on our doings, and such.  Honest, I've been trying, but that crazy computer of mine was NOT cooperating!!!


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