Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another week goes by!

Not doing so well on the blog upkeep! Been preoccupied by a bunch of things...Shao's back to school, I have a sewing job I HAVE to finish, I have learned to digital scrap, although I am not very good as yet, I had a few bus runs the first two days of school, but my reg. run begins tomorrow.

So...digi scrapping...FUN!!!! I will TRY to show you one of my layouts...let's see if it works...
COOL!!!! Hope you like these...I know they are small...I wonder if they will get bigger if you click on them? Try it! :)
Uh-oh...just looked at the time! I have to start supper. Big Girl already told me she wants to be in bed by 8PM tonight! :) I cannot BELIEVE she will be 13 in ONE WEEK!!!!!! Yowser!

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