Saturday, August 22, 2009

Playing Catch up!

Whoa, talk about neglecting a blog! Holy cannoli! Alright, I guess I have a LOT of catching up to do! I think I will do this bullet form, as it is VERY late, and my pretty much normal insomnia is kicking my you know what.

Let's see. Last time we "talked" I was trusting God to get me through. He did, of course. As of right now, my August rent is paid, and so are my utility bills. We have food in the frig and pantry. God is good...ALL THE TME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had SUCH a great time at my friends', Kathy & Tom. I have known them for 36 years. They were saved just a few weeks before me, led to Jesus by the same precious couple, Pat & George Self. Kathy often describes that time as the Book of Acts...the fellowship we belonged to was that sweet and precious. We played some VICIOUS games of Spoons and Phase 10.

The following day was the ladies' pool party. It was the loveliest home, with an incredibly beautiful yard and pool. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't the GREATEST, although it never truly rained. The company made up for it all, though (and the food! OH MY!) I LOVED LOVED LOVED getting to know some of the ladies of our new church. I have wonderful friends, but they live all over the country. I desperately need some close by ones to supplement the treasured ones I have had for a long time! :)

Shao absolutely LOVED Ballet Camp, and feels that she has progressed hugely in those two weeks. Her regular Ballet school has moved her up to Intermediate in all classes, so I guess they think she is doing well, too. Hopefully they will be delightfully surprised at her progress over the summer!

On the 15th we attended our former church's Annual Fair and Auction. I bought very little this year, but if you want to cook lobsters, OR roast a turkey, I now have the pots/pans for both those tasks!

The following day, Aug. 16th, we headed up to Boston area, to reconnect with one of my dearest friends from college days, who I had lost touch with about 23 years ago. The miracle of Facebook...Jo, we had a blast! Can't tell you often enough how wonderful it was to see you again. We are NOT going to lose each other again! Shao loves her new Aunt Joie...she thinks we are twins, as we have the same sense of humor, etc.

This past week has been full of various and sundry things. Mostly it has been HOT AND HUMID! Holy cow, summer FINALLY arrived...with a vengeance! We do NOT have air conditioning here at our house...sadness! Can't afford to run it, anyways, if we did! :)

This Sunday my friend Wendy is coming with her three kids for a couple of nights. Should be a wild and wooly few days. Wendy is an avid scrapbooker, and is going to teach me how to do digital scrapbooking. Good luck, my friend! I am a trial to all teachers in the technology field!

We hope to hit the beach with the kids on Monday. We might even see a little surf, thanks to Hurricane Bill. We seldom have any surf since we are on Long Island Sound, not the "real" beach. But Monday might be fun!

Wednesday Shao has a dentist appointment, and Thursday she starts school. I don't go back until the following Monday, Aug. 31st. On September 6th my girl becomes a teenager. YIKES!!!!! I am not quite sure how this happened? Where did my baby go?!?

That's about it. Life here moves along. Not always interesting, but that's life!



  1. A ladies pool party and you didn't invite me? Sounds like a blast!

    And Shao about to become a teenager? Ugh. I hate when they grow up. I keep telling my kids I'm putting a rock on their head to keep them little.


  2. busy girls ... i expect one day to see her on the big stage w/ her talent in ballet !!!

    love ya