Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bad blogger, BAD girl!

Oh my, I am a VERY bad blogger. For some reason, the last few weeks have felt like a merry-go-round that I REALLY wanted to get off, but couldn't. So I think I had better catch up in bullet points! Here goes!

Baby...Didn't come. Her mama got custody back, and moved back in with baby and Grandma. Eventually mama will have to find a job, so it may happen at some point. I am sad. I finally took the car seat OUT of my car the other day. I was in denial.

Shao...doing great in school. Auditioned for the Nutcracker Ballet last Saturday. We should hear within a week from now. Went to her first and last Youth Group meeting last night. She was MISERABLE. According to my social, loving, friendly one talked to her, which she said was just as well, since most of the casual conversations she overheard were very liberally sprinkled with profanity. She is SOOO not into that. Her friends from school all know this, and do NOT swear when with her, although according to her, they do it plenty when she is not around, or if they are in large group of kids. She said besides the profanity, the actual topics of conversation were "not appropriate" and "not what I care to hear." more youth group at our church. However, there is a church in the next town that has a Wed. night service, and a special group for girls. We are going to try that and see how it goes. Plus, I can go to the adult service, which will be nice!

Me...through some pretty miraculous happenings, I am now seeing a chiropractor and getting myself "fixed." Believe me, I need it! I have LOTS of joint issues, and am in constant, unrelentless pain SOMEWHERE in my body at all times. I had a back molar pulled, which took over two weeks to really resolve, thus I was in a lot of discomfort from that. I think that was a big part of my feeling overwhelmed the last few weeks...I just did NOT feel well.

Job...same old, same old. I applied for a nanny position which I hope to actually interview for soon. It is a 50 hour a week position, so if it works out, I might actually MAKE it financially. They will pay about what I make now an hour, but it's 20 hours more per week, or more! It is for TWIN baby boys! Meanwhile, I am enjoying the runs I was assigned this year. I have a mid-day run with three 3 year olds, who are a hoot. I love 'em! But I am annoyed as all get out at the office people. They asked me to make curtains for the office and employee break room. I did, brought them in when both happened to be out of the office, hung them...a week ago...and neither one of them has said a WORD to me about them. I am miffed, to say the least. They came out really cute...the print is "back to school" stuff, with little kids, and crayons, and school buses, and bright primary colors. I am happy with them. Supposedly they were going to pay me for making them, but since they haven't even MENTIONED them, who knows? Did I mention that I am miffed? That's putting it mildly, at this point.

I am having a BLAST doing digital scrapbooking!!!!!!!!! It really is fun! AND I went insane and bought myself a new printer/scanner/copier! It was only $39, and I have begun the arduous task of scanning in my MILLIONS of photos, mostly of my girl since day one. But when they're all done, OH, the layouts I will be able to do! :)

My sister has to move out of her house by the first week of December. It is in foreclosure, and she tried with all her might to work things out with the bank, but they were not very helpful. She even applied for the plan that Obama put in place, to no avail. She has lived there 20 years, and now will lose her home. Very sad. And nervewracking...where will she GO? Plus she has 3 cats and a dog, her son and grandson living with her. And 20 years worth of accumulation. Oh, dear.

Can't think of much else that is truly new. I will try to be a more responsible blogger in the future! For now, I must go to work...the school bus is calling my name! :)


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