Friday, December 25, 2009

Jesus is the Reason for the Season!

Let me tell ya, this is a labor of love! My computer is in the shop (second time in a week!) and I am borrowing my daughter;s laptop...which I am grateful for and hate, all at the same time! I cannot seem to least not well...on this thing, and I have to look at my text all the time to make sure I am not merrily typing gibberish, because my fingers are not on the right keys. They are squished together, or something, and it is enough to make me pull out my hair!

Onward! Just got done with all my family visiting....madhouse, as usual. And throw into the mix two 11 mo. old, mobile, curious baby get the picture! :) My mom's living room is probably 10X14, and there were 19 adults, a 4 yr old, and the babes. YIKES!!! Pandemonium! We ate well, and laughed alot, and it was all good. Crazy, but good.

Miss ShaoXi is busy getting to know her new camera and all it's functions. I have been declared the very best mother in the universe...should you have any quibbles with that, take them up with my girl....and good luck convincing her of anything different! :O) One of her other presents is a trip into NYC on Tuesday with one of her best friends and her mom. Should be fun, albeit exhausting. We will leave about 9AM, go in and look around, eat in Chinatown (where else?!?) gawk at the store windows, maybe have the girls skate in Rockefeller Plaza, see what we can see of Juilliard, where Shao hoy pes to go to college, and who knows what other craziness we will find to do!?!? She is very excited about it, and excited to bring her camera, as well!!!

Got to see my incredibly handsome nephew Andrew, whom I love to death. He is a senior in college this year, and just one of the nicest young men I have ever met...honest...if any of you have 20ish daughters, he is the catch of the century! I cannot believe how hunky he is! :) I love that boy!

My niece Kelly was somewhere in New Zealand, jaunting about. She has become a world traveler, and quite an adventuress! We are never quite sure what she will do NEXT! She has lived in England, France, and now New Zealand. And whilst in those places, has traveled to so many more. Quite the girl, our Kelly!

Hannah, who is a year older than Shao, was here. Poor girl, she got retainers in her mouth on Wednesday. Not only do they hurt, but you can barely understand her. She is glad she is off school for another week...that is how long the dentist said it should take her to get used to them and be able to talk again!

Those are just my brother Bill's kids...okay it has taken me 3 tries to get this sentence right. I'm signing's hoping I will get my own computer back SOOON.

Blessubgs,,,(SEE?!?!?) Blessings!!!!!!!!!!


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