Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Day!

Tomorrow is my birthday...and yesterday I got my VERY large (Thank You, God!) tax refund. SOOOO, that being said, my girl and I spent the day together. We went shopping...and for what seems like ONCE in my life, it was mostly for ME! FUN! I think the last time I bought something for myself, other than underwear! :) was 3 years ago!!!

So...we went to WalMart, we went to Kohls, we went to Payless Shoes, we had lunch at a Chinese Buffet (Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!), and went home happy. I got 5 or 6 blouses, 2 pairs of pants, a really cute sweatshirt, a ring, a necklace, and a new pair of shoes! WAHOO!!!!

So now I am done spending money, except for about $100 more this week, to take Shao to an indoor waterpark. We will both enjoy it, and after all, it IS February vacation! Many of her friends have jetted off to places like the Virgin Islands, the Dominican Republic, Florida (although that wouldn't be my choice this snowed there this week!!!) So I decided we deserved a little treat. We are going with one of her friends and HER mom, so it will be fun.

My mom is in Florida right now, and left a birthday card for me with Shao. I got impatient, and opened it tonight. And it made me cry. mom does NOT show emotions. I can't ever remember her telling me she loved me...although I know she does. But instead of the usual "Love, Mom" on this card, it said "You are the best Valentine I ever received, Love, Mom." Let me tell you people, that was precious!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow we go to church, then at 5 or so, to my sister's for a birthday dinner. She is so sweet to do that for me! Usually it's just cake at Mom's, but since she's away, I've graduated to dinner! :)

Cold here today, but sunny. Very windy, which cuts right through you. Thankful for my nice warm apartment (gotta love a rent that includes the heat!) and for my sweet daughter, who had a really fun day hangin' with her mama, according to her! :) She acted as my fashion advisor, and I can't go far wrong...that girl has STYLE oozing out of her!


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