Sunday, February 21, 2010

The end of vacation week!

Tomorrow is Sunday, and then back to work and school we go! We had a nice week. We didn't end up going to the waterpark. Her friend couldn't go, and (duh!) there were no available tickets for the day we were supposed to go, anyways! Didn't occur to me that this is an INSIDE park, so obviously there would be limited capacity. Thus the duh! :)

BUT...she did have her friend over, and I had so much fun laughing at/with them all night! :) They decided to play dress up, and kept coming out in the most amazing outfits/combinations thereof! They loaded themselves with makeup, and looked like Geisha girls!

This is Shao. Please note that the pastel flowers on her head are actually my spring wreath for my front door! I also took them to the movie "The Tooth Fairy" which was very cute. And before we did THAT, they went outside and built a snowman, er, woman, which they named Frostina. Very cute! They had a blast, and I just LOVED hearing them giggle and chatter.

On Friday we went to a local school for beauticians, and got pretty! :) I got a perm, and my eyebrows waxed, and Shao got a haircut and a manicure! All for WAY under $100, including generous tips! The only drawback was...these kids are students, and they are SLOW. We were there FOUR hours! Lucky we weren't in a hurry. I KNEW they were slow, so was prepared to be there awhile. It took Shao by surprise, even though I told her. But it was fun. tomorrow, which I am looking forward to as usual. I love my church. And I think tomorrow is pot-luck lunch is supposed to be the third Sunday of the month, although I did not see any notice of that in last week's bulletin. We'll see!


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