Saturday, August 14, 2010

Silence is Golden

Alright, so maybe NOT, in the blog world. We are alive and basically well, here on Planet Earth. :) I say basically, as I continue to have GI issues, ever since my hospitalization in January. I am not liking my "new normal" much at all. And I think I need to try and tweak it, if at all possible. It is just NOT fun to be nauseous 24/7. This can't be right, can it?

Other than that...loving having my girl home. And she is LOVING being home. I had hoped to get down to PA this weekend to visit friends, but she just wanted to stay home. She is definitely a homebody! Having said that...this doesn't stop HER from leaving ME, if a good opportunity comes going out to Block Island for 3 days last weekend, on her friend's yacht. And sleepovers at places that have POOLS, to combat the beastly heat and humidity we have had since June.

I must say though...the humidity is GONE...thus this post! Now, WHAT, you may ask do the two have to do with one another? computer is in what we call "the back room." Said room is actually an extension of the attic belonging to the apartment below it, which translates...HOT. No insulation. HOT!!! This is always the hottest room in the house, and because it has 3 tiny high jalousie windows on one wall, and a small one on the opposite one, it does not get much airflow, either. Have I mentioned that this room is HOT? I do not have the courage to come in here much when it is hot, and ESPECIALLY when it is humid. I do the bare minimum and get out, FAST! It really is brutal. posts for awhile. But last night? I had to close windows in my bedroom, and I was still chilly!

Fall is definitely on it's way. I am going to put one of the blankets BACK on my bed today. I have seen some leaves changing in our area. I am SOOOOO not ready for fall. It's sad. I actually LOVE fall. It is such a fresh time of year, crisp air, lots of blue skies and big fluffy clouds, crisp apples to eat, gorgeous foliage here in the NorthEast. But I KNOW what is right on it's coat tails. And THAT is what I do not like. Winter. Ice, snow, sleet, mush, cold. Not a fan. And makes me really sad to see fall coming. In truth, I'd take the heat and humidity over the cold.

I DO love Christmas, and that's what gets me through to the first of the new year. But then...oh, then it is all about surviving the next 10 weeks or so. Once we hit the middle of March, I begin to relax. I KNOW we can get snow in March and even April. But it doesn't stick around. It melts. There are some brave little snowdrops and crocuses already up and I can SMELL spring in the air. I can HOPE. out. If I know you, and you live in a more kindly clime, I may be camping out at YOUR house in the winter, in a few more years. Once Shao is off in college, I am looking for places from which to escape winter! :) You may want to change the locks! :)

We have one more week "at home," and then are driving to my friend Wendy's in the Catskills in NY, then going with her and her kids to Niagara Falls! We will spend 3 nights there, then drive back to Wendy's. The following morning we will leave VERY early to drive home to CT, as Shao has an open house orientation at the High School, and then right afterwards our church is holding a huge event for the teens. Gonna be a busy week, but also fun, I hope! :) And then we have 3 days and Shao starts HIGH SCHOOL, and I go back to work. Can't believe the summer is winding down. What with Shao being away for 4 weeks of it, I feel like it should be just halfway done, not almost gone! sigh Guess that's all the news from here. I will try to blog more often. Pray for cooperative weather! :)


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