Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wha' happened?

How is it possible that Christmas is over?  So much anticipation builds up, and then in 24 hours...GONE.   And I'm not talking about the "stuff"....just the time, spent with family, relaxing and talking, watching the kids run around in circles even though every adult in the house has said at least once, "No running in the house!"  And taking eager turns holding our little Kelsi girl, reluctantly giving her up to the next in line. 

Tonight it is snowing and sleeting like crazy.  I'm supposed to go to an appointment about a half hour away tomorrow morning...not so sure I am going to be able to go.  We shall see!!

Shao & I are leaving for Maine on Friday morning.  So excited!!!  One of my dear friends from college lives outside of Portland, and we are going to spend 4 days with him, for New Year's Eve.  He is Shao's "official" godfather, although she has a few who I would say are unofficial! :)  Especially her Grampa Ron, who is husband to her godmother, Gramma Donna.  Blessed girl, to have so many people who love her so very much!

Anyhow, we haven't been up to see Unca' Dick for a long long time (too long!!), so this is gonna be fun.  And we might just get to go with him on Saturday to get two new kittens!  His beautiful cat, Mulan, died this fall, and he is ready for a new one...and decided TWO would be even better! :)
Fun times, new kittens! :)

Not much else happening in our world.  I got to take care of Kelsi today for several hours, while her mama and daddy worked.  That is such a me some baby girl time!  Other than that...nada.

Blessings to all...hope y'all are safe and warm! :)

Nancy & ShaoXi

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