Saturday, December 8, 2012


Oh, my let me post.  Yippee.  So...hmmm...July was the last time I posted, I think.  Let's recap:
I spent 5 weeks in Phoenix...110 degrees or so...except the 4th of July...Phoenix was one of the coolest places in the US...a lovely 75 or so! Wierd!

Shao danced each day.  I drove her in and picked her up.  While she was there, I did a few things that were really great.  A couple of times a week for the last 3 weeks I was there, I went with my friend Lori, to a stable and played with horses.  I used to have dozens of horses back in the day, and this was such a blast for me! :)  I miss them...hi to Greta, Billy, Chile, Roxie, Riley, Tristan (or was it Trevor?)
Ginger pony, Spoof, ? and Pete.  I only forgot one name...not too bad for an old lady, huh? :)

The first two weeks we were there Lori was away, so I took advantage of that time and went to a woman's Bible Study at the church we attended (Phoenix First AG...DYNAMITE church!) called "Chocolate Talk."  What a blessing that was! 

Shao & I had tons of together time, and it was sweet and very special.  Once Lori came home from vacation we also spent a ton of time with her family...their daughters are from Shao's orphanage in China, and I traveled with Karl & Lori when they adopted their first, Sophie.  They went back 3 years later for Charlotte, my little firecracker.  I love these girls like they were my own! :)

Came home w/o Shao and went right to work at the kids's camp...loved every moment even though my osteoarthritis has reached a point of constant pain, at all times.  But the kids...LOVE the kids...and Skip & Colleen, who are the directors.  Hoping for another opportunity to serve next year.

Went back to work the end of August.  I am doing the same run as last year, for American School for the Deaf in West Hartord CT.  Makes for many hours of driving each day, but I enjoy it very much.  It is probably about the only thing I CAN  do these days, workwise, as I am not walking well at all due to the severity of the joint pain.  And boy am I stiff when I have to get out of the van after 3-4 hours of driving non-stop!!

Shao auditioned for "Nutcracker" soon after school began.  She got 3 different roles, one as a Demi-Flower, in which she has a solo part.  She has just finished up dancing Sat. night's show as I type.  She has had 5 shows since Thursday, and one more tomorrow.  I am going tomorrow, as her solo role is in that show!  Can't wait to see my beautiful girl dance!

We are in the midst of starting to plan for college...EEEK!!!!

Blogger is giving me trouble, so am going to try and post before I lose all of this!

Blessings...Nancy & ShaoXi

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  1. So glad to see you posting again, Nancy, I wasn't aware of your recent post till I saw your comment over at Linny's and recognised Shao's name :)

    And it's wonderful to hear of Shao landing dancing roles and doing what she loves doing :)