Thursday, February 19, 2009

February Vacation

Whoa! Haven't posted in a week! What's up with THAT? Trust me, it's not because my life has been scintillating! No, quite the opposite, really! We're in the midst of February vacation, and have done very little. And truthfully, I like it that way. So often we have tons of things scheduled, and are running around like crazed chickens. This is a welcome diversion. Even the ballet school closes down for vacation!

Of course, Miss ShaoXi is bored to death. But I don't feel too bad for her. She has had a friend come for a sleepover, and has gone to another friend's for an afternoon. But that's not much for the social butterfly. I told her to call someone today and invite them over. The problem is, her bestest friend, Krista, is in Puerta something or other, soaking up the sun. And her best friend Bianca, from her old school in Cheshire, just called to say she CAN'T come to spend the night tonight after all. Poor Shao, she is SOOO bummed!

Yesterday we spent a few hours watching the babies while their mama went on errands and grocery shopped. That girl is amazing. The babies were 3 weeks old yesterday, and Jen is on the move, no problem. PLUS she has lost almost ALL the weight she gained...83 pounds!!!! SHe has lost 68, I think! Amazing. At this rate she will be back in her little two piece bathing suit this summer! :)

Guess I should go accomplish something around here. Have no idea WHAT, but I am sure there is plenty to do!


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