Friday, February 27, 2009


Whoa! Long time, no post! Not quite sure WHY this is so. Guess I got a bit lazy over vacation, then coming back to work hit like a ton of bricks and then my brother went to FL. What does my brother going to FL have to do with me not blogging, you ask? I am so glad you DID, so I will tell you! Mike & Mom have a package deal with Comcast Cable, for their phone, TV and internet. Now, the internet is highspeed, SO...I use his internet service, since I do NOT have it. Thus, for the past several weeks, we have been rejoicing in the pleasure of it, as compared to dial-up, which we used to use. And THEN. Mike went to FL. And apparently, he unplugged his modem. And so no high speed for another 10 days. Sadness. I, the computer/electronic illiterate, figured this out by calling Comcast and telling them Mom had no phone service, as well as no internet. Who knew that the phone was hooked into the whole cable/internet thing?! Not me, that's for sure! I got the guy laughing hysterically. He asked if I could go and look for the modem to see if it was unplugged. He said usually they are near the computer. I told him I would be happy to, brother padlocks the door to his room when he goes away! Not kidding! I told the guy I didn't want to KNOW why he did this, but that I THOUGHT Mike was probably harmless enough. He couldn't stop laughing. Oh, yeah. My brother is ....hmm...odd.

Going to a "Pam*pered Ch*ef" party tonight. I know, I am a wild thing. My sister has become a consultant, and this will be her first party as such. Should be a hoot. Guess I will book a party of my own, to help her out. The best part about it is that my niece Jen is coming, with the babies! :) Oh, happy day!

Speaking of Jen, ShaoXi & I went out for supper last night to the local small family restaurant. And JEN was working behind the counter! She is a pistol, that one! She smiled and said "I needed to get out of the house, without the girls!" I'm sure she did, but I think she is amazing to choose to come to work, after just 4 weeks. She can't carry anything heavy, so she's not waiting tables, but what a woman! And she looks incredible. You would NEVER know she had just had a baby, never mind two. She is back in size 8 pants. Amazing!

So...gotta go help my sister get ready. And maybe, if I'm lucky, Jen will get there early and I can get a baby to hold before people start getting pushy! :)


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