Monday, February 2, 2009


Sometimes Mondays feel like that movie "Groundhog Day." Which is pretty funny, today, because it IS Groundhog Day. But, seriously! It feels like Monday was just YESTERDAY, and here we are again, trying to get through another Monday. And it's not even that it's so bad. It's's just that it's MONDAY. You know, the day after a hopefully lovely weekend, where you didn't have to do ANYTHING you didn't want to do! (Yeah, like THAT ever happens!)

And that sad part is...most of us live our lives longing for Friday. But what that REALLY means is that we are wishing away our lives, one week at a time. Personally, I can't think of a worse thing to do. Seems to me we don't get enough days to truly live out to the fullest, never mind just making do and getting by. I so love my life, with my girl, and with my Lord. And you have to know, that at times it is a really HARD life, in some ways. No "real" job, struggling each month to pay the rent, never really making ANY ends meet. But you know? I'm okay with that, in the greater scheme of things. We are blessed to be surrounded by people we love, and who love us. Shao and I often play the "20 Questions" game, starting off "I'm thinking of a person." One of the first things she will ask is, "Is this person in our family?" And if I say no, then the NEXT question is "Are they in our EXTENDED family?" This is because we have folks in our lives who are truly family to us in our hearts, if not by blood. Shao is so blessed to have multiple sets of Aunties and Uncles, a very special Gramma in her former school nurse, a VERY special Gramma & Grampa in Florida, a wonderful Auntie who lives near the FL G & G. Oh, the list goes on and on! The folks we adopted with...they are DEFINITELY family! My friends from college...oh, yeah. Like I said...we are blessed beyond belief!

So, it's Monday. Normally Shao would be at ballet right now. she had band practice from 4:30 to 5:45. I picked her up, we're home for a few minutes, so she can change into her outfit for modern dance. This week is "parent observation" week, so I will go in with her to modern, for awhile. Then it is getting out a half hour later, at 9PM tonight, because TOMORROW they are performing with a local high school's winter choir concert. I guess they are dancing to at least one of the songs they sing? I don't know...we will get more info tonight. So that means she will miss her Tap class tomorrow night.

And on Wednesday she will miss both her ballet AND jazz classes, because it is HER band concert. So much for mom observing those classes! But I will go in on Friday to watch her pointe class, which should be SO cool...first time to see her on pointe!

Meanwhile, it's hard to believe that Cadence and Hayleigh are 5 days old! They came home yesterday. Daddy will stay home for 2 weeks to help, and after that it's all hands on deck. I have the following week off, so I am definitely gonna get my baby fix THAT week! This Fri., after Shao's class, I am going over with pizza, for supper and a small baby fix. The girls are already proving to be a handful, and Jen is worn out. She is nursing, so it is difficult to give her a break. In a month, her milk supply should be in, and then maybe an occasional bottle might be fine, so she can sleep!

Gotta go...girly just advised me!


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