Monday, March 2, 2009

A Different Planet

Sometimes I think I live on a different planet. Which is entirely my own doing...most of the time. Imagine my surprise when I just happened to be flicking through channels last night on the TV, only to discover that the entire state, except myself, was bracing for a HUGE winter storm! Huh? When did that sneak up on us? HA!

Suffice it to say, I continued with making dinner, and as soon as we ate I ran out to the grocery store. Because you KNOW that we may be buried for weeks on end, and will need food to sustain us. Um, well, actually...I was out of milk and bread, and not much else. Although that did not stop me from bringing home more than two items, of course!

So, no work for me today, no school for ShaoXi. We lazed around, and watched Wall-E together...cute movie! She got it for Christmas, but this was the first time I watched it. Kind of sobering, really...because while I don't think we'll all be gullible enough to go live in space for 3500 years, while robots clean up our environmental waste, it still speaks to the waste we produce now, and how we each need to stick to the "3 R's": reuse, reduce, recycle! I for one will try to do a better job of it!

So another short pay check for next week. Last week our town had Monday off, so we had a four day week LAST week, as well. So the check will be short this week, then next week. And the week before that, we didn't work at all, so last Friday we didn't even get a check. Unless you count the unemployment check for a whopping $79 I got...which I don't, because it isn't even enough to pay ONE bill, never mind a stack of them. Not sure why I only get that piddlin' amount...must call Dept. of Labor and question this! I know when I got layed off several years ago, the check was for about 2/3 of my normal week's pay. Trust me, this doesn't come close...not that I make all that much, but still!!

No more news here. Very quiet, very snowy, VERY cold (single digits, without counting in the wind factor! BRRRRR!!!!)


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