Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

As we approach the weekend, I have to smile. My girl told me she needed to go shopping...without me...and could she please have some money? Ah, the plight of single moms everywhere! The only hope is that she gets me something I actually want/need! :) I told her all I really wanted was a good pedicure, the works, done by my favorite pedicurist...HER!

On another front, we are having company this weekend! We are involved with Yale University's CASPY program (Chinese Adopted Sibling Program at Yale). The Asian students (and there are TONS AND TONS of them!!!) on campus run a program one day each semester when the adopted kids are matched up with a Big Brother or Sister. Mostly the relationships are just that day, although if you're lucky, you have the same Big Sib many times, until they graduate.

For the past 4 years, Shao had a Big Brother, Steven Le. We loved him, and he actually came to Shao's recitals, and we attended his graduation at Yale, and spent the day with him and his family. He is back in California now, but we still call him now and again!

This year, Shao has a Big Sister, Bonnie. She is a freshman, so we look forward to a long relationship with her! And get this...she has her last exam Sat. morning, and we are picking her up at 2 in New Haven and she is coming home with us for the weekend! Shao is absolutely over the moon. I think it will be a lot of fun, although I have doubts I will see much of either of them! Bonnie may be dying for adult conversation by the end of the weekend...but Shao IS pretty mature, so I am sure they will have a blast!

She is going to go to church with us on Sunday, and then to a luncheon (picnic if the weather cooperates!) at my sister's, for Mother's Day. Tomorrow Shao wants me to take them somewhere and drop them off, so she can shop for me! Funny girl. I GUESS I will take them to the mall. At least there are options there! I can wander around the stores I like, and they can go off on their own.

On the church front, I found out that ONE of the reasons Shao wants to go back to Christ Chapel is that there is a BOY (oh, that dreaded word!) there from school she apparently "likes". Whatever THAT means at age 12. But believe me, there will be NO hanky panky! :) I have already told her (seriously) that she will likely not be dating, per se, until she graduates from high school. I think that between school and dance, she has enough going on, and those are her priorities. I DID tell her that she could go out with a BUNCH of friends, and certainly some of those could be boys. We'll see how this all evolves. Currently, I trust her implicitly. I have every reason to think that will continue. But I am not blind, stupid, OR naive, and one of the gifts the Holy Spirit has graced me with is discernment. It is a heavy burden at times, actually. But there it is. SOOOO...there will be NO pulling the wool over THIS mama's eyes. That coupled with the fact that she will NEVER go anywhere for any amount of time without ME talking to the parents in charge, wherever she may be going. It is not so much that I might not trust her. On her own, I absolutely do. It's that she tends not to make a strong enough stand when her friends decide on something that is not quite right. She WILL try to speak up, but as yet she does not have the strength of her convictions down pat. Hopefully she will. I do THINK she will. She is a wonderful kid!

Here is a picture of Bonnie and Shao at CASPY in March.

Shao thought it was cool that Bonnie wore glasses, too. Although Miss Shao is HOPING for contacts sooner rather than later! Glasses and ballet performances really DON'T go together! And if she DOESN'T wear them on stage, she really can't see well. I know the feeling...or I should say, I remember it. Since I had cataracts removed, and replacement corrective lenses in, I am glasses free for the first time in 4o something years! It's still an adjustment, and NOW I need them for reading, which I did not before. I'll get used to of these days.

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