Monday, May 11, 2009

What a great day!

This year has to rank up there as one of my favorite Mother's Days! Of course, the first one will ALWAYS be special. But this weekend was a blast, and God moved in some wonderful ways. I was so blessed!

First of all, we had Shao's "Big Sister" Bonnie with us. That was a blast, and I am looking forward to lots more of them! When we picked her up on campus, we went to Target. I dropped them off and ran a few errands, then picked them back up. We went home, played some card games, went out to Friendly's for supper, went to my Mom's to play some MORE cards, and then home to hang out and eventually bed.

Sunday morning the girls brought me breakfast in bed (a PERFECT omelette!), and my gift. Shao bought me a really COOL tall square vase, filled with dark chocolate candy, and artificial flowers that look like branches of a cherry tree not quite blossomed out yet...very cool, very Asian looking! :) The girls had cleaned up the kitchen (miracle!), and then they went off on a walk while I took a leisurely shower, and sat in my room reading, drinking tea, and ...yep, eating a few chocolates! When they came home we got dressed for church and went.

Church...what can I say? The youth pastor gave the message, and it was beyond wonderful. And beyond real. And I laughed ALMOST as much as I cried. I was not crying because of anything in his message, but from pure joy that I had DEFINITELY found our new home church. Afterward I went up to him, and asked if first I could give him a hug. He said sure! and then said it was nice to see us back again this Sunday. I sit toward the front (less distraction!), and asked him if had noticed me crying. He looked concerned and said he had...and I told him it was all good, that I was crying because I KNEW that we had come home. He was so excited!

Shao leaned over to me in church and said "I know why you're crying, Mama." I asked her why, and my very wise 12 year old said "Because you know that we have found the right church, and that it is exactly what we have been looking for!" I smiled at her and said "Yep...we're home!"

We had a picnic with family afterwards, then a birthday cake at home for Bonnie, who turns 19 tomorrow. But all that was secondary to church. I am thrilled beyond words.


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