Wednesday, May 27, 2009


On D-Day, my dad was on Omaha Beach. He was a platoon leader. He led his men up the beach, watching some of them die right beside him. He was awarded every medal there is to be had. He was commended for single-handedly holding off enemy troops until backup arrived, at one time. My dad was my hero. He was exceedingly human and flawed. But he remained proud of having served his country. He was severely wounded by shrapnel at one point, and that shoulder wound was a cause of much pain and trouble his entire life. Daddy passed away at the age of 87 (almost 88!) 2 and a half years ago. I miss him very much. And I miss his integrity and grit, his honor and pride in America. I can only hope that we are raising up young people to follow in his footsteps as we go forward into this new and frightening world developing around us. It's scary out there. Thanks, Dad!

Happy belated Memorial Day to you all!


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