Saturday, June 6, 2009


My girl is so very beautiful. Last night she danced like a dream. It's funny how they almost ALWAYS place her front and center in each dance number. I suppose it's because she is good? Anyhow, she did a wonderful job. People kept coming up to her and remarking on how impressed they were with her dancing. What a gift God has given her! Speaking of gifts, her godmother is helping pay for her to go to two weeks of "summer intensive" ballet camp. The instructors are from the Joffrey Ballet company, and from the Alvin Ailey Dance company. These are two of the best ones out there. I am excited for her, and I think she will learn so very much.

Poor girl was so exhausted last night. But not so exhausted that she and her friend Stephanie didn't scheme and get us moms to agree to let Steph spend the night! In hindsight, probably not a good idea. Steph woke Sleeping Beauty up at 7 AM. About 3 hours LESS than she would have normally slept, after such a hard day on Friday! Needless to say, Shao was tired and out of sorts all day. We went to the beach for the late afternoon, and then Steph's parents came and picked her up. Shao immediately retreated to her room. I tucked her in awhile ago, and hopefully she will sleep a good 10 hours tonight. Church tomorrow, but it starts late, 11:15. So she really doesn't need to get up until 10.


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