Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Much, much better!

Yikes! Figured I'd better post or you might think I'd been committed! :) I am in a much better frame of mind. In fact, I was better by Friday night, and pretty much back to normal on Saturday. It helped that I spent time with some of my favorite family members (my daughter, my niece Jen and her twin baby girls, and my sisters) AND that we went tag sale-ing...that word does not look RIGHT as saling...but I guess it IS. Wierd. English can be wierd at times!!!

Anyhow, I am done work for 10 days, then go back for a 3 week summer session, then off for a month. Have NO idea how I am gonna manage rent, bills, etc. But nonetheless, am looking forward to some time off!

Speaking of which, we head out early tomorrow morning for a 5 day jaunt to NH, to visit our dear friends (and Shao's godparents.) Can't wait to BE there, and relax! :)


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