Thursday, June 11, 2009

This and that

Nothing much new going on here. Same old, same old. ALTHOUGH...I AM cleaning the house!! Not that I NEVER do that...but I am ORGANIZING! FILING! Actually unpacking and settling in! WHAT?!? What's that, you ask? When did we move? Oh, well. Umm. Well...ah, almost 2 years ago! :) But to my credit (alright, NOT my credit, but DEFENSE, okay?!?!) I no longer have 20 or 30 boxes piled up in various rooms of the house, waiting to either be gone through or put up into the attic! AND, I might add, I HAVEN'T had any (or more than a few, from time to time) for at least..well...probably 9 months? So there! :)

I FINALLY got around to straightening up the small back bedroom, actually setting up files and filing away all the boxed paperwork, etc. It's beginning to look like a room! Of course, you cannot sit on the bed. But not because of junk. Unless you consider stuffed animals junk. Hey, watch it! These are my special fuzzy friends! Yeah, I cannot bring myself to get rid of them. I have purged a few...a very few. The rest? Hey, their part of the family. No can do. Maybe some day. Until then, they sit on the daybed in the backroom, reminding me of when Shao was tiny. Most have a story. Many are Panda bears. Some I bought before she even came home. The large fluffy duck waited in her bassinette for a year, along with her bunny Bun-Bun, whom she sleeps with...or at least, who is one of the privileged few to gain inner sanctum in her bedroom. The rest are relegated to here.

Her dollhouse is in here too. It is large. And beautiful. And lovingly made by her godfather, Uncle Dick. And too fragile and precious to be put in the attic. But I wish there were a little girl to play with it! Perhaps when the twins get bigger...we'll see.

Why all this sudden frenzy, you may ask? sister just became a Pamper*d Ch*f Consultant. So I am having a party at my house, to help her out. It will be fun, and a chance for some of the folks at work to see our place. Several of Shao's friends' Moms are coming, and of course, bringing their daughters. I imagine the girls will hang out in Shao's room, except when there's food available, of course! :)

While I always feel frantic at this times, I also welcome them. They motivate me, and that's a good thing. I am looking forward to this house being more organized. YIPPEE!!!

Gotta go...lots to do, and bus driving to do, as well! :)


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