Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Tonight I'm sitting here reveling in the smells of a wonderful pot roast dinner cooking in the oven, the sounds of my daughter humming in her bedroom, and the wonderful sense of "HOME." And it makes me wonder...if these truly LITTLE things can do this, what might happen if we actually caught a glimpse of our REAL home, heaven? What wondrous things might happen in our lives, in the lives of those around us, in the lives of everyone with whom we came in contact?

I am thankful today...although it is not QUITE "Thankful Thursday." 12 years ago I was flying about like a crazed thing, getting ready to head to China for the adventure of a lifetime. I didn't have a CLUE what an impact this little baby would have on my life. And isn't that much what the very first Christmas was like? No one then, even Mary or Joseph, who must have had an INKLING, had a REAL clue as to how this tiny soon-to-be born babe would turn the world upside down.

Life is full of lessons. I am thankful that I have a heart and mind open to learning them. How sad it would be to not see the beauty and the truths in the experiences we go through every single see the value of them, indeed the value of each and every life. There are those who do not...who, in my opinion (and remember, we are all entitled to our opinions...and anyhow, it's MY blog!) live very sad, dark, unhappy lives...and even if they do not think they are living that NOW...they will be for sure, in eternity! And THAT breaks the heart of God. the middle of that last paragraph, my daughter came in...and brought up the subject of beliefs (mind you, she is only 13!) and said that there was a "quiz" on whether you were conservative or liberal, and she "tested out" as a liberal. Which scares the pants off of her mama! YIKES!!!! Oh boy, back to parenting 101!!!

See...even with all the peace and serenity God gives us, there is always contention in the "Garden of Eden." Darn that old snake, anyhow!!!


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