Monday, November 9, 2009

Stellan...and a Saunders update

There is a "button" on my sidebar, "Pray for Stellan." NEVER has he needed it more. He is at Boston Children's Hospital. Was supposed to have a risky procedure done TOMORROW, but he "crashed" last night, his heart has stopped at least once, and they are struggling to keep him alive long enough to do the procedure. Trust me, he is one of the most beautiful baby boys I have EVER laid my eyes on! Please pray for him, and his mama Jen, who is all alone in Boston. Pray for her husband, who is on his way from Minnesota. Jen is all alone. It breaks my heart.

The Saunders...what can I say? A congressman has either failed to help them, or was unwilling...not really clear about this. But it didn't work, and so...the last twitter from Linny is that they have given up; Jubilee Promise belongs to God, and they are asking Him to keep her safe. I believe they will still pursue her adoption, but only God knows if it will go through.


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