Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Please, oh PLEASE, pray for the Saunders!

My precious friend Linny and her family so very much need our prayers! Long story short, they have been pursuing the adoption of a specific, precious little girl in China, already named Jubilee Promise Saunders. It has taken SOOO much longer than it should, and just an hour or two ago, they learned that somehow immigration had messed up something, and they would need to begin over again...not sure exactly how much, and what, but this little one is WAITING, and Linny and Dw and their kids are, too!

If anyone knows ANYONE in power in Colorado (where the Saunders live) that might be willing to get involved in this, please email Linny at and let them know! But please pray...and go to Linny's blog, if you have never been about their hearts for orphans...and I don't just mean Linny and Dw's hearts...every one of their kids is invested in adopting orphans, too!

You really need to go back to the beginning and read the whole is WORTH reading. You will find the very heart of God revealed there. Satan is NOT happy with this family. It is amazing the blows they have taken from that Father of Lies. And yet they still hold fast to their Saviour, still hold out for the orphans, and still move ahead with the plan of God, working out through their lives. Amazing grace!


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