Saturday, July 4, 2009


Happy Fourth of July, folks! Just got home from the 2 hour parade. What a privilege to live in a country that celebrates freedom, both for our land and us personally. It was heartwarming to see all the veterans there, and to see the crowd rise to their feet to honor them. Last night I sat on the beach for 5 hours, and spent time worshipping and praising our Lord for the beauty of His creation, and praying for so many dear friends who are gravely ill and need His healing touch. Again, what a privilege to live in a country where we CAN pray, and are free to follow our hearts and souls.

The little girls were at the parade. How sweet those two babies are! They were all dressed in the 4th of July outfits I bought them on ebay for 2 dollars! They looked SOOO cute!

Shao's "Big Sister" from Yale University is spending the weekend with us. Bonnie is from LA, and all this New England pride and celebration is fascinating to her! As well as the green grass, and big open town green, and lots of room for kids to run free and play. Guess there's a shortage of that in LA! :) She is a real sweetheart, and a lot of fun. And she motivates Shao to help out, which is ALWAYS a good thing. Don't get me girl is the most INCREDIBLE helper in the world. But sometimes she doesn't move too fast to DO it...takes a lot of pleading on my part, at times. At other times, I will come home from errands, or something, and she will have been a whirlwind, doing a whole bunch of things to surprise me. As I always say, I am VERY blessed with this child!!!

I am working for the next 3 weeks, and then off until the 31st of August. While I look forward to the off time, it also means no pay. I DO get to collect unemployment, so it will help some. But summer is always an interesting time for bus drivers, financially. Good thing I happen to have a Father who owns the cattle on a thousand hills...not to mention the hills, themselves! :)


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