Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Can you say frustrated?!?

Venting here...since July 2nd, I spent countless hours either on the phone, or waiting for a repair man to come and get my new DSL internet service set up. I feel like I am whirling in circles here. People have come out, and into my house...my house wires, etc., are fine. It's outside...the phone lines aren't set up or split, or something, to carry DSL into my house. I was told this would be done by Sunday night at the latest. It's now Tuesday morning. Had to call again. Told the same thing. So....I very patiently made sure the fellow on the phone checked all former comments on the account. That he was well aware that this was becoming ridiculous. I actually had to TELL HIM what needed to be done. Otherwise, I think we would have jumped right back on the carousel of phone madness. And I'm getting dizzy...I want OFF! I THINK I got through to him. I told him I wanted a call from the technician when it was done, and I wanted the technician to hold on the line while I AGAIN hooked up their modem, etc., and made sure it worked BEFORE they left!!!!!!!! This is crazy!!!

Okay...on the home front, things are quiet. I am driving bus this week and next and then will be off for the remainder of the summer, until August 31st. Looking forward to a little down time, the first week I am off. But then first two weeks of August ShaoXi will be going to Ballet Intensive, which is from 9-4 every weekday. And it is an hour round trip...so I will be on the road 2 hours a day, taking and picking up! That's a lot of driving. It's worth it, though. She will be dancing under Joffrey Ballet Company's former prima ballerina and their former principal dancer (male equivalent of prima), so she should learn a lot! I'm excited for her...but I know it will be exhausting. She'll be one tired little puppy by the end of the second week! :)

My car is in the shop. Heaven help me, another bill! Not even sure what is wrong...I have to call the mechanic today, to find out. But it was making some really BAD noises, although it was driving okay. But it sounded like it was in the wheel area, so I was afraid it might fall off, or something! Never a dull moment.

That's about it...gotta go...the phone just rang, and it's the phone service. They must speak to me immediately, press zero...so I do, and now I am on hold. Go figure! So I'd better hook their system back up!!!


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