Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pushing on toward the prize!

We had an awesome weekend...headed up on Friday morning, right after my bus run, to Grantham NH, where my dear friends Ron & Donna live in the summers. They are in FL in the winter, although that may change! Works for me, cuz they are considering moving to Phoenix AZ, where Donna's daughter lives. And Phoenix is where my dear friends the Mars live...so we can "kill two birds with one stone" if that happens! :) To truly sweeten the pot, another dear friend, Milena, was there too, visiting! So I guess we already killed two birds! Poor little birds! :)

We drove home on Monday, an uneventful drive, which is always my favorite! Just a stop for gas and a bathroom, and we drove all the way home. We are dog-sitting for my brother's dogs this week, which is not a big deal EXCEPT it means I have to get up every morning to go let them out and feed them. I also can't go far, as I have to let them out several more times during the day, etc. My brother lives right around the corner, so it certainly isn't difficult. Just makes it impossible to go anywhere much.

Next week Shao begins Ballet Camp. Not sure if it will be one week or two, as I still owe money, and don't even have enough for the rent, never mind camp. Worse case scenario, we only do one, and Shao's godmother will hopefully get a refund. She paid for one week, and the town paid for part of another. But I was supposed to come up with the difference, and between not working, the $651 car repair that was NOT expected, the town car taxes, the utility bills, the yearly emissions inspection, me no longer working until September...things are a bit...um...beyond tight. More like non-existent, money wise. Oh, then on occassion, ShaoXi likes to eat...what is WITH that child? I fed her YESTERDAY, can't she wait a few more days? :)

I have consciously decided not to worry, not to scurry about trying to figure this out, not to borrow money. I am trusting God. I have done ALL I CAN to come up with enough, now I just have to trust Him. I THINK my brother will likely pay me for caring for the dogs...not sure, as I WOULD do it as a favor, but they insisted on paying me last time...so we'll see. It will be a real gift, if they decide to do so! And I am praying that SOMETHING comes up that maybe one of my sisters will need my help...they do housecleaning, and maybe, just maybe they'll need extra help. I am trusting that someway, the funds will be there.

It is quiet here tonight. Girly is sleeping over at a friend's house...can't say as I blame her. Summer has FINALLY arrived in New England, and it is hot and humid. And friend Megan has a POOL!!!!! Lucky Shao! Saturday, weather permitting, she and I are going out on her friend Krista's boat! I am so excited! It is no real big deal for Shao, who goes out with them all the time. But it will be the first time I have ever been on it when it's MOVING! :) I have spent lots of time sitting on the lanai with Krista's folks. But we are either going over to Long Island, or up the Connecticut River. Sounds like a blast! And on Sunday, after church, we are going over to the marina AGAIN, for a big party they are throwing. Gonna be a busy weekend! For such money poor folks, we sure are blessed! :)

Somehow this week I HAVE to get in some baby time with Cadence and Hayleigh! Must call their mama tomorrow and see what we can do! :) Other than caring for dogs, boating, and hopefully playing with babes, that's about it for this week! Next week I have to drive Shao to Ballet Camp every day. It is an hour's drive round trip, and I have to do it twice a day. Camp is from 9 to 4 each weekday. She's gonna be one tired puppy, let me tell ya!


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