Thursday, June 10, 2010

100 Pounds Soaking Wet!

My little/big girl just came home from her Eighth Grade trip, soaking wet and happy as a clam (which, now that I think of it, prefers to be wet!) They go to a place called Holiday Hill, which offers just about every fun thing you can think of for kids, including horsebackriding. So my girl took her first REAL horseback ride today and really liked it! :) She has been up on the backs of friends' horses and on many a pony ride at fairs, but not truly ridden. Cool!

I got to hear every minute detail of her day, which I LOVE. Hope she ALWAYS wants to tell me stuff! And now we are headed down to our local nail salon to FINALLY spend our gift card there. Tomorrow night is the big end of the year Eighth Grade dance, and baby girl asked me to PLEASE make her a dress. So I did! I will take a picture tomorrow of it, I promise! So girly is getting a mani AND pedi! Woohoo! Pretty girl!


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