Thursday, June 17, 2010

Teenage Angst

Because the picnic with 20 girls wasn't enough, I brought 3 of them home with me for the night. Shao has a close circle of girlfriends that are very precious to her. But they also drive her nuts some times. And two of them lately, more than usual. It would seem that these two, who used to be Shao's friends, and friendly with one another, are now very tight, and unknowingly excluding the others, to the point where Shao and a few of the other girls are really hurt over it.

WELL...let me tell ya...last night was interesting! LOTS of deep feelings came out, lots of discussion, lots of tears and sadness, but in the end...LOTS and LOTS of joy and love and laughter, and I think much closer friendships than before! PLUS...when I went in to say good night? FOUR girlies jumped up for goodnight hugs. I thought my heart would burst! How sweet was THAT? These three girls are very dear to my heart. All for different reasons, all have different needs, all are very sweet, nice kids. I long for them to know Jesus, but Shao longs for that even more. We often take them to church with us, invite them to youth activities, and just keep loving on them. What a delight it was to see such open lovingness from them last night!!!! I hope it lasts...but when I saw them this morning, I opened my arms wide, and each one came for a morning hug! :) JOY!

Please pray for Krista, Emily and Megan. I want them to know the joy and love that is available to them. I want to be a vessel for God in the lives of these girls. They have lovely parents, but each girl has something in them that really needs ministering to, and each need is different. Also, please keep Megan especially in your prayers. She has some lumps on her arm, and has had all manner of tests, etc. Still no idea what it is, so the next step is a biopsy. But the thing about Meg? She is MANIC about needles. I am NOT kidding when I say she goes absolutely beserk, and totally freaks out. So it's a HUGE thing for her, and her parents are dreading telling her that she needs to have the lumps biopsied. It will not be a pretty thing...but GOD. I am going to pray earnestly for this. This kid needs to have some peace about this whole thing.

Anyhow...I now have a yard full of happy NINTH graders (well, they aren't 8th graders anymore, so I guess they're ninth graders now! I hear music, laughter, singing. I see some dancing and sunbathing, and just generally happy girls. YIPPEE, JESUS!!!! And I don't have to work this afternoon, so I can just sit back and enjoy them...and chauffuer them wherever (most likely the beach, but we'll see!)


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