Saturday, June 26, 2010


Tomorrow...tomorrow my little girl tries her wings. Tomorrow she puts her toes (literally...haha, ballet humor!) into the giant ocean called life and experiences it on her own, without me by her side. Oh, I will be just a phone call away, but still. Tomorrow I have to drive away with a smile on my face. Yeah, right. sigh. Okay...I'll TRY!

We are pretty much ready to go. Her suitcase is packed, her linens/bedding are packed. I have two small boxes in the is toiletries, etc. The other is her "kitchen." Paper plates, plastic utensils, one sharper knife, napkins, paper towels, ziploc bags, a couple of containers, some garbage bags...just in case.

She has her books and Bible packed. We already put the cases of water in the car. Dancing is thirsty work! Her new ballet slippers are all set, elastic sewn in. There are leotards, pointe shoes and ballet skirts waiting for us at Nutmeg's Boutique. It's all good. EXCEPT...she's leaving me. Ever watch "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"? I keep doing the line "Why you want to leave me?" with all the pathos that the Dad used to his grown up daughter. It makes us both laugh...but WHY YOU WANT TO LEAVE ME???

I'll be fine. I think. Oh, I know I will. Still....this is not easy. sigh

We have to stop at a Target store on the way up to Nutmeg, to buy an extra-long twin mattress pad. I know they have them...and OH, why did I not BUY the thing when I was there? I plead insanity. Now we have to go there, after having hit several local (sort of) WalMarts, to no avail. However, we DID get the cell phone she needed! So that was good. I can't believe that tomorrow is the day. Please keep us in your prayers...ShaoXi for fun and excitement, new learning experiences, new friends, health and rest. ME? for not falling apart without my baby girl.


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  1. OH i will so be thinking about you tomorrow. So much excitement. Yet so hard on YOU!!! Just try to keep it together until you're out of sight then pull over and have a big old shoulder shaking cry. It's got to make you feel better.
    Goodness knows I would. Olivia had the last of her baby teeth pulled out yesterday so her bottom braces could be finished and last night as I was leaving the "tooth fairy " money, I lost it. Had a good cry.

    Will be saying a special prayer for the two of you!!

    Good luck!