Monday, June 28, 2010

Crazy Love Prayers needed!

My girl...she is so homesick. She calls me several times a day. It is only the first day, but she is burning up her minutes on her new cell phone! I feel so bad for her, and I miss her so. Please pray for her, that she will settle in, that she will find joy in her classes, that she will grow and flourish. Pray for her poor feet...she is in agony! Poor kid. I feel so helpless, I can't do anything for her. I did ORDER her to go to the dorm mom and get an ibuprofen, so the pain at least is muted a little. Hopefully some GOOD sleep will help her view of things. She IS enjoying her roommates, and whenever I tell her to have sweet dreams, and to tell them the same, she does, and they all call back to me "Sweet dreams!" So sweet.

Please pray for our finances. I THOUGHT I would be working in July, but I am NOT, and while I will get unemployment, it isn't even enough to pay the monthly rent. I am asking around for work, although this week I am volunteering at our church's VBS. OH, I love my kids! I have the ten year olds, and they are a blast! I just LOVE them!!!! :) So I CAN'T work this week, and it KILLED me this morning when my boss called to see if I could help out and I had to say no. sigh

I also had an offer for a house/dog-sitting job, but THAT week I have volunteered to be a camp counselor at a wonderful camp being run by a couple from my church. They are COMMITTED to helping children come to know Jesus. I have to smile...the two times I am doing something for Jesus, I have had to turn down PAYING jobs. Think He is trying to tell me something? Something like "Trust Me!" You'd think I'd have learned this lesson by now! :)

Thank you for your prayers! We sure are needy! :P


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  1. oh Nancy!! i think it's just a major adjustment and she will feel better and better each day. I'm praying!!!! Be sure of that!

    As far as saying no to work! yikes, I always said Jesus has a sense of humor!! He wants you right where you are ... volunteering for Him!!

    I'm sure He will make sure you're OK!

    Keep us posted about ShaoXi and you!!