Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Yesterday I arrived home to warm, freshly baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies! :) Today I arrived home to find my girl mowing the lawn, riding around on it like a pro, looking far more grown up than I am ready to face. Why do kids grow up so fast? I need to sit back and savor the sweetness of each moment. Because they really ARE fleeting. She will be off to Nutmeg in just 12 days. She is going to come home her first weekend, as it is Fourth of July, and we always celebrate it with beach and fireworks and friends. I am so glad she wants to come home for that. I spent so many July 4ths alone, wishing I had someone to go see fireworks with. Ever since she came home, it has been what we do. When she was very little, she called them "flowers in the sky." How apt is that? :)

Tomorrow my girl graduates from Eighth Grade. Today she received an award from the State of CT, chosen to receive Polson Middle School's "Eighth Grade Excellence in Citizenship Award."
Can you say proud mama? :) What a treasure she is.

We were supposed to be hosting a Graduation Party after the ceremony for 20 of her friends, down at the town beach tomorrow. HOWEVER...much rain is in the forecast, so we are moving to the rain date, which is Thursday. And listen to THIS....I was all worried about taking Thursday afternoon off, because I am already taking Wed. morning off, to attend graduation. But GOD...in His infinite wisdom, already knew I wasn't even NEEDED on Thursday afternoon, because my student's mom is picking him up! SOOOO...we are ALL set. Yes, I won't get paid. But I also won't put the bus company out, having to find a driver to do my run. Isn't God amazing even in the little details? Thank You, Abba Father!


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  1. OH everything sounds perfect! And yes! I was just crying in my coffee this morning about how fast they grow up! Too fast.
    Glad everything worked out so well with work too. That makes it so much more enjoyable.