Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Absolutely right!

A reader named Sandy commented on my last post: I wouldn't just say that "when she is a famous ballerina, we will be able to say "it is because of schools like Waterbury'sCT academy of performing arts"... I think you should say it is because we serve a mighty God...don't you think? Give credit where credit is due. Only God orchestrated that."

At first I felt taken aback...but then I realized. She is absolutely right. Of course she is! The thing is, THAT is a given. An absolute. In our home we firmly and fully acknowledge that EVERYTHING is a gift from God, and that He meets our needs and even longings of our hearts every day. Thank you, Sandy. It made me realize that here in the "bloggy world" we need to be ESPECIALLY careful how we word things. How would you know that we absolutely believed and confirmed this every chance we get? We've never had the privilege of meeting, so you WOULDN'T! But I hope this makes me remember that I need to be really clear in some cases.

YES...this was GOD, through and through. It was GOD who put this gift for ballet IN my child, long before she took her first lesson! And it is GOD who continues to show her teachers that she is a child who truthfully, it must be a privilege to teach. I say that because she LOVES dance, she is TOTALLY focused, she is loving, polite, and thankful...and gifted. If I were a ballet teacher, I would be delighted to have her as a pupil! NOT to negate the gift of her being ALLOWED to dance on scholarship. Not at ALL!!! But isn't it nice that not only do they get a gifted student, but one who makes them smile every day?!? :)

It is a wonderful thing to be able to point out ACTUAL things that God has undoubtedly provided, and to tell your child "THIS, THIS is God's hands stretched out to us, using His people to provide!" The fact that she is filled with faith, and loves her Saviour beyond measure flows from His direct Hand in our lives!


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