Saturday, March 20, 2010


Back the very first of the year, I asked ShaoXi's ballet teacher about the course we should follow for her, particularly in the summer. In the world of Ballet, it is all about who you study under, and also what EXTRA things you do. There are what's called "Intensives"...which means full days of dance instruction, for a week...or two...or more. These occur in the summer, and are very expensive, indeed!

When I questioned Miss Diana about this, her first (and only) response was "Call Nutmeg!" Nutmeg Conservatory is the best Ballet school in CT. It has an actual high school boarding school, where students take regular classes from 8:30AM t0 12:30 PM, then spend the rest of the afternoon, and often much of the evenings, learning to dance. But they also do summer sessions, Summer Intensives. And they have one that is 4 weeks long, from the 26th of June through the 23rd of July.

So...way back on Jan. 6th I sent an email to the principal of Nutmeg. And never heard back. And in the past few weeks, Shao's teacher has been hounding her as to whether we had heard. So this Monday I sent ANOTHER email, forwarding the first one, as well, and received an email back that night. I called on Tuesday, we played phone tag, finally connected on Wednesday, and the upshot was a private audition with the principal today at 10:30AM. She danced for him for almost 2 hours. And was unequivocally accepted into the program...EXCEPT...we have no money. And it is $4900 for the 4 week program. If I am willing to drive her up there every day, and not have her live on campus, it is "only" $2900. It is an hour and a half drive each way. Sigh. Mr. Alexander (principal) is going to speak to the scholarship committee this week, but according to him, it is very limited. We are praying. Shao is very calm, she said that if it is God's will for her to attend, she knows it will work out, and if not, then it is not where she is supposed to be. Sweet girl!

But it was an honor to be granted the audition, and an even bigger honor to at least be accepted into the program! According to Mr. Alexander, Miss Diana "raved" about ShaoXi, so that is nice to know! I could tell he saw that she definitely had a gift, and potential. And so...we wait. And pray. And watch to see what God will do. I am supposed to hear this week about the scholarship possibility. Would you be so kind as to lift this up to our Heavenly Father? This child is so very gifted, I cannot help but feel that this is something I need to pursue, to help her reach her goals, no matter the cost (Um...within REASON!)


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  1. Yippee Jesus!! Congratulations!! I will pray with you that God will provide (if that's His best for her life)...she must be very talented...we are thrilled for her (and proud mama)..xo