Friday, March 26, 2010

Crazy Love/Chip In

So...I added a chip in to my blog. And here's my thoughts...I want to (OF COURSE!!!) tithe and more out of what may come in through that...and so...I am going to seed some right back into people's lives and bless them! May not be much, but again...if everyone did a LITTLE, a LOT could be accomplished! This world would be a different, far better place. And although I did NOT mention it before, on my post I linked to Linny's heart is LONGING...which is a very inadequate description of how I REALLY go on a missions trip, either to help out Bill and Lyndsay in China, at Morning Star Project, or to Uganda, either (or BOTH!!!!!) with Dw or Linny, or to help out Katie at Amazima Ministries. Oh, how I would truly LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to do that!!!! So...just thought I'd give you a reason why the chip in is up. Figured this was the best way to enact this crazy "Crazy Love" lifestyle! :) Not to mention a few people wandered in from the linky and mentioned it would be easier! :)


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