Thursday, March 18, 2010

What's my excuse?!?

I don't have one. Not really. I can't pinpoint a reason why I have not blogged. It's certainly not because NOTHING has happened in our lives. Because things have. And one of them was the very best thing ever. I had the humbling, precious privilege of leading my child to her Saviour. Shao asked Jesus into her heart at age 2, but even though her heart has been very soft and malleable, she just didn't quite feel CERTAIN that she was saved. And so we talked, and then we prayed, and the difference...OH, the DIFFERENCE. She looked up from that prayer time lit up from within. It was amazing and wondrous, and joyous. She floated through the week, looking for opportunities to be a light to her friends, to everyone she came in contact with.

I thought she WAS happy. I have always marveled at what a happy, loving kid she was. But the DIFFERENCE!!!! It is a little like the difference in MY life, when I adopted her. I had always thought I was happy. I had a sweet little house, a bunch of furry babies, I gadded about whenever and wherever I wanted. I was away lots of weekends. I could skip supper if I wanted to, or eat at all crazy times, or nap when I got home from work...whatever. And THEN...I became a mother. And my life took a 180 degree change...and I learned what true happiness was! Oh, and along the way, a few other lessons: exhaustion; patience; you name it, Shao taught it to me. All except despair. Cuz this kid...she is pure joy to parent!

I am thankful that God stepped in and "interrupted" what seemed to be my peaceful, self-centered life. What an amazing privilege!


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