Thursday, March 25, 2010

Crazy Love!

My friend Linny, over at , had a amazing idea. Sharing with one another, giving above and beyond, enacting CRAZY LOVE! So...I will be looking for folks to help. But also...I will be posting MY needs.

I am a single mom, having adopted my daughter ShaoXi from China 12.5 years ago. In 2003 I lost my "real" job (based on the stockmarket...sigh), and ever since we have scrambled every month to survive. I interviewed countless number of times, to no avail. SO...I have done: babysitting, cat grooming, elderly care, housecleaning, substitute teaching, to name a few (okay, maybe most...but I think I'm forgetting some!) In 2006 I finally sold my sweet little home, because otherwise it would have gone to foreclosure. I was so happy to own my own place. I had a wonderful 13 years in it.

ShaoXi and I moved down to my hometown, and for the first year I was actually too ill to work for any length of time. But things got better, and I found a part-time job driving a special needs van for our local school system. I actually love my job, as I love kids, and I also love to drive. So that part is all good. is part-time. I make about $1300 a month. My rent is $1000. We live in CT...nothing is cheap here. Nothing.

So...I guess my needs are to SURVIVE. I manage to pay the rent, and keep the bills up fairly well. But it leaves about $15-20 a week to live on. Not an easy thing to do. And summer is coming. There is no school in the summer. I will get unemployment, but that is to the whopping sum of $219 a week. This does not compute...not even enough for rent, in the summer. Things are just tough. But we are blessed. The other night during devotions my girl and I were discussing how VERY rich we actually are! We have a roof over our heads, food to eat (thanks to the local food bank and food stamps!!), clothes on our backs (we LOVE hand-me-downs!!!) and best of all we have our faith, our Jesus.

We attend a Christian Missionary & Alliance church, Christ Chapel, here in town. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my church!!!! They put on a VBS that is unbelievable, and I will be helping with that. I just joined the church at Christmas, so just got "safe place" trained, and hopefully will soon be called on to help in the Nursery, and with Children's Church. Can't wait! In our old church I was the children's Choir director, and SS teacher for 5th grade. Members of our church are starting a summer camp in honor of their son Dustin, who died a few years ago at age 18. ShaoXi & I are both going to be counselors at the camp, and are SUPER excited about it! Their main mission is to teach kids about Jesus! Yeah!!!! Oh, and yes, we DO tithe...and truthfully? It's all because of Linny & Dwight! I decided soon after we began attending Christ Chapel that this was a directive from God that I had better listen to...and while I can't remember exactly, it was something Linny wrote that prompted that life changing decision. :)

So...that is our story! Really, we are blessed. But you know? There are times, where I wonder just how we are going to survive this month! God is so very faithful...I can see His hand working in our lives over the years, and it blows me away! It is such a testimony to my child to KNOW that God provides for her, that He uses the hands of His people to care for us, that people actually DO listen to Him, and are willing to be His hands and feet here on Earth. That is just beyond amazing to both of us.

Blessings...Nancy (email:

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  1. I have been going around and donating to all the people who are linked on Linny's site that have "chip in" buttons. besides that I don't know how to donate to people who don't.

    just a thought, i would add one :)

    btw, when I say I am donating to all I mean only a few dollars to each. but if everyone that read her blog did it what a difference it would make!