Monday, March 29, 2010

Paid in Full!

Easter week. This title has such deep, significant meaning to all Christians! Paid in full...our debt of sin, that weight that would take us to hell for all eternity...paid in full by the atonement of the Sacrifice, Jesus. Paid in full. Eternal life...folks, this earthly life? Just a training ground...a missions field. As a Christian, the Bible tells us we are pilgrims in a foreign land, strangers and aliens, citizens of Heaven. We're just put here for a very temporary amount of time, compared to our eternal life! Some day we'll just walk through the doorway from earth to heaven, and God will ask, "Why should I allow you into Heaven?" And the answer? "Because the blood of YOUR Son, Jesus Christ, covers us, and we are as pure as snow." And his reply? "Enter in, thou good and faithful servant!" Oh, the joy!

And in our little world? Beyond that most SIGNIFICANT meaning....ShaoXi's tuition, $4900, for Nutmeg...paid in full! We serve a great and mighty God!!!


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