Thursday, July 1, 2010

Prayers are being answered!

The joy is back in my girl's voice! Oh, how I rejoice in that! She called yesterday afternoon and said she LOVED her "partnering" class. That is dancing with a male dancer...something she doesn't get to do much, since there are only one or two of them at New Haven Ballet. Makes me wonder what I SHOULD be doing with her, dance-wise. Maybe New Haven doesn't have what she needs? I dunno. The problem is, there is generally a lack of male dancers in almost any school...except Nutmeg. And at her level? It would require her to attend their boarding school during the school year, to get what she really needs. OR for me to drive her to Torrington every afternoon. An hour and a half each way. And many hours of classes each day. I don't think that is a possibility, eh?

But she is happier, and says her feet are getting more used to it. And she really wants to come home for Saturday night, but she wants to be back in Torrington Sunday afternoon for the picnic and fireworks they have planned for the kids. So it will be a short visit home, but well worth it! :) We miss one another terribly! People have always remarked on the unusually tight connection we have. I am definitely MOM, but still...we are buddies, and we "get" it, and we have the same sense of humor, and we laugh at the same things...and we have DONE all of this since she was really, really young...she really GOT it when she was about 5...amazing. Comes from having an old mama and no siblings, I guess! :)

So...keep on praying. Today is the first, and I am waiting to see what my paycheck (direct deposited) from last week will be...but I KNOW I won't have enough to pay the rent, as I only worked 15 hours last week. Go, God! I am excited to see His provision...I am confident He will provide!


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  1. OH i knew she would adjust!! So glad to hear she is enjoying herself.