Sunday, July 25, 2010

All done!!!

Shao is home, and I don't have to give her back! She's here to stay! :) This weekend was amazing!

I left for Nutmeg at 7:30 AM Sat. morning. Arrived JUST in time for the observation class at 9AM. Here's a Picture (or two!)

Aren't these neat? Bad lighting, but still!

Then we moved her out of her room, except for the clothes she was going to change into after the performance. We then ran to Mc Donald's for a quick bite to eat, back to Nutmeg, and she had just a few minutes to get ready and go to the theatre. Then I had to go run to the florist, since her Gramma Donna was running late, so I picked up her flowers for her to give Shao.

We finally all got to the theatre, I picked up the tickets, etc., and we settled in for the show. It was wonderful, but no photography allowed, so I could not take pics. Afterwards, Gramma & Grampa went to check into their hotel across the street. Shao & I went for ice cream with her friend Megan, Meg's mom Martha, and Shao's Gramma Bonnie (we are blessed with lots of special "grammas" in our lives!!!) Afterward they left, Shao changed, and we went across the street to have dinner with Gramma Donna & Grampa Ron. Yummy fact we are having it tonight, since we had lots of leftovers! :)

We came home, got in before dark...I always love THAT! :) and unloaded the car. I ran to Wal*Mart for oil....light came on....oops! Must keep better care of my car! It's gotta last me awhile! Put oil in the car, carried in the rest (mostly) of Shao's stuff, and went up to take a shower. Oh, joy! Love me those cool showers on a hot sweaty day!!!

Today...precious!!! How do I find the words for this day?!?!? My precious child got baptized, proclaiming to the world that she wanted to follow Jesus, and that she loved Him with all her heart. Precious, I tell you! Here's a few pix of that! :)

Two of Shao's best friends came to the baptism, which made her SOOOO happy. Afterwards, they went swimming, and then came home with us, and are still here at almost 9PM...which is okay with me, although I think Shao will be exhausted by the time they leave!

And tomorrow...we begin at Dustin's Place....can't wait! Here's some pix from there...we had an orientation meeting there last Sunday...oh, my! Glorious views!! :)

This week I need to see God do a miracle...please keep our finances in prayer. August rent is coming up...and I am way short, nor have I paid any utilities since the end of June. Go, God! :)

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