Monday, July 26, 2010

First Day!!

We have made it through the first day of camp! I can't say that was a particularly HARD thing for me, as I was in the house the majority of the time, just responsible for keeping water jugs full at two sites, and keeping a Koolaid one and another water jug full at all times at the tents, where the kids meet to eat, do crafts, whatever. While they have snacks twice a day, the jugs are ALWAYS full for them at all times.

ShaoXi was a jr. counselor for the group of fifth and sixth graders. She is whooped, and in her room...not sure if I will see her again tonight! :) Hope so, as we need to eat dinner, which is halfway cooked.

It was such a blessing...104 kids, all having a blast. They moved from activity to activity, loving them all...we start out with awesome worship in the morning, then they begin their rotations...kayaking, swimming, arts & crafts, fishing, bible time, story telling, games. These kids are kept BUSY! :) Somewhere in all of that we fit in 2 snack times, and lunch! :) What a blessing to serve at Dustin's Place! I am loving it! :)


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